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Institutional Pragmatics: Shaping Change

Institutional Pragmatics: Shaping Change is the next JISC Institutional Innovation SSBR event. The event is designed to be a stimulating one, focusing on the practicalities and pragmatics of a challenge central to all the projects – effectively and positively changing Institutional cultures and practices.

Date: Thursday 12 November 9.30am – 4.15pm

Social event: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Location: Elluminate & Radio

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Thank you!

Aims: The day will focus on three key aspects of change facing our projects:

1. Challenges and tensions

What are the difficulties and tensions facing our project teams? How can we negotiate open educational practices and collaboration within competitive business models? Is it easier to share knowledge externally that internally? What are the sticking points holding back institutional change?

2. Approaches and solutions

What are the fixes and work-arounds? How can different types of community help anchor our progress? Which approaches to sharing and building on knowledge and practice are most effective?

3. Sustaining change and project impacts

How can we ensure change beyond the boundaries of the project and the project lifecycle? How is JISC strategically and practically addressing sustainability issues? What are the best ways to amplify our outputs, findings and successes?

Pre-conference prep:

1. make sure all your team members have their calendars clear for the day!

2. Talk you your support team liason about how your team can best contribute to the day – particularly in terms of the project led slots.

3. Make sure you are good to go with Elluminate – use our sandbox to check your connection and audio, think about a webcam. If appropriate, sign up for Elluminate training the team will be providing for presenters prior to the event: (here)


The day will run from 10am to 5pm (we will try and finish by 4.30pm)

There will also be an evening social event – taking place in blip.fm from 8pm-9pm.

9.30am -10am Morning session start:
Soundcheck & radio
Graham Attwell
10.00am Welcome & Elluminate familiarisation Josie Fraser
10.15am Managing effective change within institutions Steve Outram (slides)
10.30am Unlocking the Potential of JISC Projects Lawrie Phipps
to 10.45.
Questions & discussion with Steve & Lawrie Until 11.
11am Coffee Break with radio Graham Attwell (podcast)
11.15am Assembly Bazaar: project feedback & discussi Room 1:

Facilitated by Mitul Shukla & Isobel Falconer

Lucy Warman, TAG (slides)
Trevor Bryant, e-Assignment
Darrell Slater-Smith, ECCILLES (slides)
Anne Crook, ASSET (slides)

Room 2:

Facilitated by Paul Bailey & Rhonda Riachi

Juliet Hinrichsen, ELTAC (slides)
Tim Fernando, Erewhon (slides)
Peter Robinson, STEEPLE (slides)
Owen Stephens, TELSTAR-OU (slides)

Room 4:

Facilitated by Ellen Lessner & Patsy Clark
LLL & WFD assembly planning & discussion room

Neil Witt, PINEAPPLE (slides)
Martin Jenkins, Co-Gent (slides)
Ibrar Butt, WELL (slides)
Andrew Haldane, TELWFD (slides)
Amy Wright, TELSTAR-UCLan (slides)

12.45pm Lunch
1.15pm Radio Graham Attwell (podcast)
1.45pm Managing JISC Programmes
A discussion on JISC projects, sustainability and future issues
Lawrie Phipps & Ruth Drysdale
2.15pm Workshops Analysing ‘change’ – the reality for institutionally based projects – led by Steven Warburton (slides)

breakout room 1:

Facilitated by Steven Warburton & Mitul Shukla

breakout room 2:

Facilitated by Josie Fraser & Jenny Mackness

breakout room 3:

Facilitated by Paul Bailey & Rhonda Riachi

breakout room 4: LLL&WFD projects

facilitated by George Roberts (slides) with Ruth Drysdale (slides), Ellen Lessner & Patsy Clark

3.45pm Wrap-up George Roberts (slides)
4pm Radio Graham Attwell
4.15pm Close
7.30pm-9pm Social event,
Blip.fm & Twitter. Meet in Elluminate party room
Josie Fraser

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