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Dear All

  • Institutional Innovation Programme
  • Lifelong Learning & Workforce Development

re: JISC Institutional Pragmatics: Shaping Change, 12 November

Our next programme meeting is nearly here! The Institutional Pragmatics: Shaping Change event takes place in Elluminate and via Internet radio this 12th of November, only 10 days away now. You can see the full programme on the event site, here:

The link to the Elluminate room we will be using on the day will be here:

Make sure you sign up to say you are coming! (sign here)

All Project teams are expected to attend online programme events, so please do let your team’s Support Project Contact Person know if there are any members of your project unable to attend. Important information about sustainability, benefits realisation, project management and a new JISC strategy will be discussed in two sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so do ensure that you are able to feed this back to your whole team if they aren’t all able to attend.

Huge thanks to everyone who has committed to contributing on behalf of their project. Speaking on the day will be representatives from projects including TAG, MEAoT, STEEPLE, ELTAC, e-Assignment, ASSET, TELSTAR OU, ECCILES, Erewhon, Co-Gent, PINEAPPLE, WELL and TELWFD. They will be sharing information about and discussing recent assemblies and project updates, providing plenty of inspiration and information.

Preparation & planning

In order to get the most out of the day, we are asking all teams to put in some preparation, and for everyone, not just those speaking on the day, to make a contribution.

1. Please ensure that you minimise any issues with Elluminate in advance, especially with audio. A good or bad experience in an AudioGraphic environment (aka WebConference) relies heavily on the participants’ audio setup. Audio feedback is the most common issue, so please do use headphones, do not use external speakers, and remember to click off your mic when you are not speaking. You can check this out in advance using the sandbox site http://elluminate.jisc-ssbr.net/ You can find more guidance (here).

  • If you have any trouble accessing the system because of firewalls or Java settings, etc, or in case of an emergency, break out Joe (joe@jisc-ssbr.net)
  • If you are presenting but are new to the platform, why not come along to a run through session next Monday, 4-5pm? You can sign up here: sign-up form
  • If you need presentation help but aren’t able to make the session, please get in touch with josie@jisc-ssbr.net

2. The music selection during our last event provoked quite a few comments. This time round, you have the opportunity to request songs – as long as they are licensed for us to use! Please do visit any of the following and get your recommendations to DJ Graham at graham@jisc-ssbr.net as soon as possible. No recommendations means we select the music!

3. We will also be running an evening social event, to which everyone is welcome, on the evening of November 12, 7.30 – 9pm. Ostensibly a fun event, we’ll also be inadvertently looking at how tags work across sites, and how groups can be viewed across platforms. This will take place over at Blip.fm (http://blip.fm/) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/), but we will be meeting up beforehand (7.30 – 8pm) in Elluminate to go through the rules and get everyone up to speed with using the platforms. The link will be available here: http://ssbr1109.inin.jisc-ssbr.net/ Look for ‘Party Room’ :)

If you’d like to come along, please do set yourself up with an account at both, using the same username if this is possible. The social will test your search skills and musical taste! Participants will be asked to find, post and tag tunes which correspond to a keyword or theme. Points will be awarded for each challenge completed and additional points for imaginative entries. If you like music, then why not see how you get on?

4. Make sure you sign up to say you are coming! (sign up here)

Thank You,

George Roberts
Josie Fraser

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