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Dear All Institutional Innovation Programme Lifelong Learning & Workforce Development re: JISC Institutional Pragmatics: Shaping Change, 12 November Our next programme meeting is nearly here! The Institutional Pragmatics: Shaping Change event takes place in Elluminate and via Internet radio this 12th of November, only 10 days away now. You can see the full programme on [...]

Institutional Pragmatics: Shaping Change

Institutional Pragmatics: Shaping Change is the next JISC Institutional Innovation SSBR event. The event is designed to be a stimulating one, focusing on the practicalities and pragmatics of a challenge central to all the projects – effectively and positively changing Institutional cultures and practices. Date: Thursday 12 November 9.30am – 4.15pm Social event: 7.30pm – [...]